on-send rule doesn't trigger for EWS account

When sending email via an EWS account, the on-send rule never triggers. Doesn’t matter whether it’s set to move/copy the outgoing email, or just assign a Category to it, the rule doesn’t run at all. The outgoing email itself gets sent fine, and remains in the remote Sent folder, it’s just the rule that doesn’t work. I doublechecked that, by enabling “rules” logging under menu/file/settings/advanced, and the logfile is completely empty (unlike for on-receive rules, where I do see the actual log output).

Running v7.2.35128.0 with one single EWS account set up under win7.sp1 in case it matters.

[EDIT]  I notice that the same issue was reported before (Rules not working), and Russel Markosky of eMclient advised that “I just checked this and I can confirm that it was already recognized as a bug. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon”.

One year later, let me ask again that eMclient please looks into this issue and fixes it once and for all.

Hello Liviu,
I already sent a detailed reply to you via email, but I would just like to provide the explanation and work-around here as well:

Upon further inspection of the bug, we found out that this is caused by a limitation in the EWS protocol - the server saves the sent message only after it’s sent and then it synchronizes back to eM Client, but since the message has a new ID eM Client cannot recognize it as a message that was just sent and therefore is not able to apply on-send rules.
So we are not able to implement a fix to this issue, unfortunately.

However, we do plan to include server-side rules support for EWS accounts in eM Client 8, which means the rules will be synchronized from eM Client to the server and the server will execute those rules, which will fix this behavior. eM Client 8 is currently planned for Q1 of 2020, but this ‘idea’ can be used as a workaround - set your on-send rules on webmail/server to make sure they are applied correctly.

We apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.