On screen Notification Message Rules

I have just set up EMClient and am currently trialling with a view to replacing my Microsoft Office. With several email accounts, I will need the Pro version. However, before shelling out, I need to resolve this problem.

On my message rules, I have a couple in Outlook which move mail from particular people into a specific folder, so I can keep them together and keep on top of them. In Outlook, I can generate an on-screen notification so that if an email comes in from one of these people, I can see that a message that comes in so that I can give it my attention.

I don’t seem to be able to do this in EMClient, which means that potentially I will not pick these emails up as soon as I would like.

You can certainly create a rule to move a message from certain people to another folder, but I’m not aware of anyway to create a special notification.

Yeah. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to. Hope it’s something they can add, then. :slight_smile:

eM Client should give notifications for all new messages, unless you have disabled that. 

One option that may help you is to create a smart folder that only displays new messages from certain senders. Even if you have notifications turned off, you will still see an unread count on that folder, so just a case of training yourself to regularly look at that folder count.

I’d like to resurrect this. There needs to be functionality to display a popup notification when an email comes in where there is a ruled applied to a certain folder. It would be an option to automatically file away email from certain sender or with certain subject, etc. and then allow a popup notification to appear.