On computer shutdown, then restart, eM Client always behaves as if it had crashed

Recently upgraded to v8. Now on both of two entirely different machines, after shutting down the computer, then switching it back on, eM Client always does the corruption check (which takes 10 mins+) before loading.

It normally does this when the machine hasn’t been properly shut down, but that isn’t the case here.

Even if I use the Exit menu option prior to shutting down this still happens.

Anybody know why this is and how to avoid it?

Try increasing the amount of time between closing eMC and shutting down the computer by ~15-30 seconds.

Thanks, that did the trick, though I never needed to worry about that with v7.

Perhaps it may be that your computer is aging and thus some processes are taking a tad bit more time to complete before shutdown. Kind of like some of us as we age :rofl: :rofl:


If you haven’t already, upgrade to a fast SSD (Sold State Drives). Usually makes a big differance as the mail database closing time will then be alot quicker when you exit the program.