Old typewriter sound.

Hello, I would like to add a small suggestion. Would you be able to add the typewriter sound when you press the keys, as one more option? Thank you.

@ Quesito.

Hi .
Nice suggestion for those who like this.

However , since it’s a low priority item, it may take years to implement this in eM Client…

Better take things into your own hands and run a tiny utility, like Qwertick
from   http://www.nattyware.com/qwertick.php

It’s tiny ( 33 kb ) - No install - runs on spit and on almost any version of Windows.
Icon sits in Notification area and by clicking on it you can mute it in the little panel or close it by closing the panel…
Put a copy of the exe on your desktop or add it to Startup.so it’s always ready for you.

There are others , like ClicKey   

or Key Sound Generator 

Personally I like Qwertick for it’s simplicity , but feel free to explore the others.

There are also paid ones, but surprisingly  expensive, except for Ampare Typewriter Keyboard Sound   https://page.juthawong.com/ampare-typewriter-keyboard-sound  for $5.90

Anyway, you’ll have a selection - Have fun.


Thank you very much for the reply