Old messages won't load

Good afternoon
Thanks for the program.
I switched to this email client not long ago; before that I used Thunderbird.

Importing mail during the transition occurred without problems, messages were loaded from mailboxes into the program. I use several mailboxes - mail.ru, google, yandex (including mail in my domain via yandex).

Currently, I noticed that when I try to open old letters in mailboxes, the message does not load, the attachment does not open. Using the “fix” function - this problem can be fixed, but it is widespread and is “fixed” only for a few letters; most of the letters remain unloaded after these actions. In particular, we are talking about mail in your domain configured through Yandex.

What could be the problem and how to fix it?

If you have tried more than once importing all messages directly from Thunderbird and some still won’t read, then there must be something unknown within the original message itself stopping the message reading in eM Client, or an incompatibility with your previous mail database somewhere.

I can only suggest to then try exporting any Thunderbird messages or message folders that won’t read in eM Client to .eml files, and then import those .eml files into eM Client via “Menu / File / Import”.

You can also optionally (after exporting the messages from Thunderbird to .eml), manually drag them into eM Client directly from either “File Explorer” (Pc) or “Finder” (Mac).


Thanks for the answer.
As I understand it, in my case the messages were not transferred from Thunderbird to the emclient (only the accounts were transferred) and the emclient downloaded messages from the server, and their download was in the form as I described above.
Currently, the issue has resolved itself, I tried to select the offline mode and the emclient then started downloading all messages, everything went well (the offline mode may have been applied, downloading messages).