Old Live Mail folders not Brought Over

Recently switched from Windows 7 to 10. Live Mail no longer supported and I don’t like the default W10 mail. Installed eMclient mail and have it running but none of my old mail folders have come over. I had all my mail in a private location (not buried in Windows) so maybe that’s the problem. I see another user (below) was told to bring them over “manually”. Is that what I need to do … and how/where is that done?


To import folders from WLM you need it installed on your computer, then in eM Client go to Menu > File > Import > WLM. You can import selected folders, so choose those that are missing.

It may also be that the folders were imported, but are in Local Folders and those are not visible to you. Go to Menu > Settings > General and make sure that Show Local Folders is selected.

Some folders may also have been moved inside the More folder. Check there as well.

Thanks for the input Gary. I 've tried your suggestion and yes, that probably should have worked. The obstacle I have is that it needs my email name and password for the old account. Seems a reasonable request! I give it both but it comes back with a “password fail”.

This is the exact reason I have to get off WLM because it also now insists on a password whenever I try to use it now and it also REFUSES the correct password. I’ve gone into my Bell account and reset it to no avail. I’ve had 2 long sessions with Bell people and they say “sorry but WLM is no longer supported … not our problem”.

So it’s a Catch 22. I can’t get WLM to let me in and EMC needs that access.

FWIW my mail and contacts are on a private external drive so they won’t be lost if I delete WLM and maybe some day I’ll find a way to bring them over.

Lastly, the “import” command DID work to a certain extent and it did find some really OLD mails in the files that Windows used to use before I moved it. Buried in Apps/local/windows etc. Maybe it can’t access an external store??