Old emails older than 30 days are gone, why?

Many other software, we have a functuion where we can ask server to leave the email on the server. Older emails seem to disappear, older than 30 days, please help so thta i keep the emails that i want, as long as i want.

This can be changed in your settings at Menu > Accounts, and selecting the POP3 tab for your account.

This option will leave the messages there indefinitely:


And this will delete them after 30 days:


i dont have pop 3…please chekc attachment2021-04-05_12-47-22

OK, so you are using IMAP, in which case eM Client will not be deleting messages from the server unless you have enabled Automatic Archiving. If you have, that would move messages from the server to your computer, so they would not be lost, just in a different place.

Check if you have Automatic Archiving enabled in your settings:

If you don’t have Automatic Archiving enabled, then it could be that your email provider is keeping messages for only 30 days. With my provider, I can set the time it keeps messages, and I can change that setting by logging in to their webmail interface.

Another option may be a phone or other device connected to the same email account is deleting the messages.