Old emails not showing up

I’m using eM Client 8.2.1237 (b402cf3). It seems that the client cannot read all emails from my gmail account through IMAP: for some labels just a few are shown, for other a bit more. In general no label manages to show emails older than 2 to 3 months.
I’ve got already this problem about 2 years ago and for that reason I left eM Client and moved to Thunderbird, even if I bought the eM Client life license. Now I’d like to give eM client a chance, but I see that that same issue is still there.
Any suggestion?

Thanks for being persistent. :wink:

Can you login to your Gmail account web interface and check the following setting:


Set it to Do Not Limit.

See if there is any difference after restarting eM Client.

Hallo Gary, thanks for your answer: I think you are right. When I moved to Thunderbird some time ago, I remember I played with that IMAP parameter, but with no success. Anyway now eM client seems to work again.

Thanks, regards