Old emails dissappeared

I have an outlook account synced up to the em client and I am slightly worried that it has automatically deleted a whole load of emails.

Looking at my emails now they only go back to 28/06/2013 being an IMAP account as well this has synced up with the online service and I can only see emails to this date on there as well.

I do not have any sort of Archiving set up (in fact this question was going to originally be about Archiving and when I looked up how old my messages were found I have lost everything before that!)

These really are business emails and quite important that I find them. Can you explain how I would get them back, I have the latest version and literally synced my account up yesterday (12/10/14) I had noticed it seemed to be constantly syncing but when I changed the sync interval to 15min that seemed to fix it.

Thank you for your time.

Hi, what version of eM Client exactly are you currently using (Help > About) and what mail service are you using?
Do you see any errors from the application? However I’m afraid that if you’re using an IMAP account and the messages are not available on the server, they might not be recovered.

Thank you,