Often crashed when open one PDF file

The eM Client often crashed when I opened one PDF by click the PDF in e-mail and choosed OPEN.

WIN 11: 22000.258
eM: 8.2.1659 (845a639)
PDF default: Sumatra PDF 3.3 64 bits

It is often necessary to save files (pdf or otherwise), to a folder and then go to it and open it outside your Browser or email program. Try that and see if it solves the issue. Let us know the result. Also, is it only this one pdf file or many pdf files. Finally, are you keeping up with the updates on sumatra pdf?

Could be a compatibility in the Sumatra pdf reader installed.

Try setting “the default Win OS pdf reader” to Chrome or Edge for a test (if you haven’t already) and then close and re-open eM Client and see if that works.

Ps I personally use Chrome as my default pdf reader which seems to open pdf files ok directly from eM Client. It also separates all the pdf pages on the left too like in most other readers like Acrobat reader.

People, like myself, who use a specialized PDF reader often want a better reader than the option within their browser (Firefox, or Chrome). I use PDF-Xchange Editor and always change client computers to use it, rather than the wimpy built-in browser pdf viewers. I’ve heard good things about Sumatra though I haven’t used it, and assume the OP chose this additional program for a reason, like I did.

I’ll be anxious to find out how sumatra does with that pdf file outside emclient. It could be a bad pdf file. If it fails, then your test of trying the file with another viewer, both within and outside of emclient would also provide good information.

Yes of course, i only mentioned to try the the basic default built-in browser pdf readers (for a test).

Thank you so much for your replies.

  1. I updated SumatraPDF to the latest version - 3.3.3, but not solve the problem.
  2. I tried several times, and I found that as long as I open a PDF that has never been opened, eM will crash. When it is opened once, but eM will not crash when the second time or later it is opened, no matter when this email was received, or a few days ago or just arrived.
  3. I just tested, I set Adobe Acrobat Reader as the default PDF program, (I used one of my mailboxes to send to another). eM did not crash.

I guess that one of the following three software maybe have a problem: Win11, SumatraPDF and eM, or compatibility issues with each other, I don’t know, I will change the default PDF program.

Thanks again everyone.

By the way,

  1. SumatraPDF works fine with Thunderbird under win11.
  2. I use SumatraPDF portable version.
  3. I use several PDF software,

Sumatra is very small, very fast, and portable.
I also use PDF-Xchange Editor ( Wondershare PDFelement) to edit pdf, and use Adobe Acrobat Reader occasionally.

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You will run into problems occasionally opening files inside email programs and browsers. The simplest quickest easiest solution is to save the file and open the saved file. Works about 90% of the time. I’ll bet if you simply save the pdf file and then open with sumatra, you’ll find it is fine.

Why Acrobat???

Why save the file and open the saved file? Why not open directly with Sumatrapdf?

I bought eM, Just a few days, it provides the function of opening directly, but not works fine with SumatraPDF under win11, but SumatraPDF works fine with Thunderbird under win11.. I think it’s probably a problem of eM, maybe eM is not compatible with win11.

Why save the file and open the saved file ? Why not open directly with Sumatrapdf?

What does “open directly” mean? Do you know? Simple fact, saving and then opening does 2 things.

  1. It fixes 90% of the kinds of problems you have. The other 10% are bad files that can’t be opened.
  2. It allows you to determine if the problem is with sumatra or sumatra through your mail client.

There are 2 ways I know of that “open directly” can work. - In one, the program automatically saves the file, usually to the downloads folder and then calls a program to opens it. This is a somewhat transparent save and open option and is very reliable.

The other is that the program (browser or email program), tries to use a temporary file download or even ram before calling the other program and handing off to it. Which does eMclient use? I don’t know, but saving the file to downloads is more reliable, but leaves the file in your downloads folder.

Usually, my clients are just interested in getting a solution and they often should file the attachment anyway, so saving to where is should be stored (client’s folder for example), is what they often do anyway. So, saying, do this and you’ll be able to read the file, is usually good enough.

In your case, as I understand it, the hand-off to adobe acrobat works fine, but the hand-off to sumatra doesn’t.