Offline Use with Google Sync

I am trying eM Client as a replacement for Outlook.  I require syncing of calendar and contacts with my iPhone, so I am using Google as the repository.  So far this seems to work well – I have loaded all my Outlook calendar items, contacts and stored emails into eM client and the contacts and calendar items sync well with Google in both directions.  

One thing stumps me, though.  If I am offline – e.g. working on a laptop while not connected to the internet – and add a contact to my google contacts folder it gets saved locally and an error pops up indicating it was unable to upload due to connection failure. My expectation is that when the connection is available and I hit “refresh” this new item would then be synced with google.  But this is not happening.  If I make a change to the new item and save it, it does then get synced with google, but this requires my users keeping track of the items that had failed to upload.  Is there anyway to automate re-syncing when coming back online?

Hi, there’s a feature “Work Offline” in eM client you can switch to offline mode by going to File > Work Offline or by holding Ctrl while opening (clicking on) eM Client.
If you then switch back to online mode, all items should be resynchronized, can you try if this is working for you?

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Yes that does work.  

I would still suggest fixing the problem as I stated.  Consider the case where someone thinks they are connected to the internet, adds or modifies a calendar item or contact and gets that error message because of a temporary internet outage or some other connectivity problem.  It is logical to assume that once connected the items would sync – but as I have found they don’t.   

Thanks for the prompt response and for developing a great alternative to MSFT Outlook.

Hi again, you’ve mentioned the items are not synchronized on hitting the “refresh” button, is that really the case?
Are you using automatic synchronization (Tools > Settings > General > Synchronize items every X minutes), if so do the items get uploaded with the next cycle?

And what version of eM Client are you currently using?

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