offline use options

For now, I have to go through each folder and select “offline use” and also have to include images if I want this.
Why not make one option available that lets users tick these options for all folders and subfolders of an account?


I am sorry but this is not planned now, so far we have better experience with it as it is.
It takes only few seconds to setup it at beginning for those who wants emails always offline available and for those who wants download specific emails there is right click - download selected.

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takes only a few seconds?
that really depends on how much foders you have in your account

to be honest: I find this a little strange for an answer when I look at how tiny the request in fact is - the options are there, so you only need to slightly lter them …


You can select this when creating new account simply by two mouse clicks, Anyway if enough people will request this we will put it under consideration.

now we are working on features which are demanded more.


Since I will have potentially dozens of folders/labels in Gmail, it would be nice to have a way to select the whole account to be downloaded for offline use EXCEPT certain folders, like “All Mail,” so that as I add folders/labels I do not need to remember to select each individual folder to be downloaded.  This is especially important if I added the folder/label from Gmail from another machine, then later come back to my emClient machine.



Hi Todd, you can do this by selecting which folders you’d like to have available for offline use. Just right click the folder and select Properties > Offline > Download messages for offline use.
You can also select which folders won’t be available for synchronization using the IMAP protocol, you can setup this in your webmail.

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I understand the process.  I am just saying that it is cumbersome and has potential problems with inconsistency – if I create a folder/label in gmail, then I need to remember to set it to download (as you describe above) once I am back in emClient.

In other programs (Outlook, Thunderbird) the default is to synchronize new folders, but they give me the opportunity to deselect individual folders, like “All Mail.”  But I don’t want the entire account to default to download because I don’t want the “All Mail” folder/label as that would give me my mail twice (!).  So without the granularity of choosing which folders to synchronize, or in this case NOT synchronize, then I have this cumbersome, problematic solution.

Furthermore, I have dozens of folder/labels, so the process itself is cumbersome:

1 - select folder
2 - right click
3 - select Properties
4 - select Offline
5 - select Download messages for offline use
6 - select Include attachments
7 - select OK

I am otherwise liking this program and about to purchase the Pro version.



Hi again, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this option for future updates of the application.

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