offline folder

Are there any ways to create local folders where emails are moved in.
I used to use outlook,  make a local backup file and then create offline folders to organize emails separately.

For Em client, it seems that there’s no way to create separate back up file, Also it only make emails saved in one folder.

eM Client definitely has offline (local) folders.  They do not necessarily display by default.  To make them display, go to menu/tools/settings/general and in the general section, check “Show local folders”.  They will display at the bottom of the folder pane.

You can either manually move emails to these folders or use the auto archive function.  This function moves emails to the local folders based on the parameters that you set (see the help file).  Also, there is an archive menu option, but it may only pertain to gmail. 

Is it possible to create a back up file like  backup.pst??
it seems that eM client has only an offline folder.
Keeping emails on files in one folder makes file size bigger.

While eM Client does have a backup routine, unlike a pst file the backup file can’t be opened and viewed.  However, local data is stored in a different file than your active mail data (actually each mail account has its own data store).

I need to be able to do this, too. I’ve seen emClient’s “local folders” feature, but it’s not what I need.

With Outlook I am currently able to “open/connect” or “close/disconnect” mail archive files that are stored on a completely separate, encrypted drive. When I open them, I can browse them just like a regular mail folder. When I’m done I can close them. And when the encrypted drive is disconnected, everything works fine.

Although emClient’s “local folders” are saved locally, it’s not possible to specify on a folder by folder basis where they are stored and it’s not possible to open or close them in the same way as an Outlook pst file. Exporting all the messages to another folder then importing them every time I want to look at them is not really a practical solution.

As I browse this forum, it seems this feature has been requested over and over again but does not yet seem to have been implemented, which is disappointing.