Offline created Events are not synchronized after an online connection

  1. be offline (Win 10)
  2. Create a new Event in the Calendar (G Suite Calendar)
  3. Go online
    Even after a manual sync I don’t get the new event in the Google Calendar online or on my phone


Hi Haeme,

What version of eM Client are we talking about? There were some fixes made in the 7.1 so it is possible this already been repaired.
If you are interested in the 7.1 beta you can download it here:
Please note that we strongly recommend creating a backup of your 7.0 database before you install the eM Client 7.1 beta update as a safety precaution to prevent any accidental data loss.
If your issue persists even after update to 7.1 please take a look at the “Errors” and “Log” in Menu>Tools>Operations>Errors, are there any errors regarding calendar sync?
You can copy logs from there and send them to my address

Best regards