Office365 integration successful for email but no calendar, tasks, contacts - "Retrieval using the IMAP4 protocol failed"

First time user - set up Office365 account and my emails synced up but there is nothing in Calendars, Contacts, or Tasks. When I look in those folders under Email - there are thousands of messages that say “Microsoft Exchange Server. Retrieval using the IMAP4 protocol failed”. Any suggestions?

Auto configure is not so reliable. Delete the account that was setup in Menu > Tools > Accounts.

Then you can add the account again. Office365 uses MS Exchange, so you need to set this up by selecting Add account. Don’t use the auto setup, but choose Mail and select Exchange.

Thank you - that seems to have worked.

Didn’t work for me.  I’ve tried creating with auto and Exchange

Select Exchange when setting up the account, then after entering your details, you can choose which components you want to include.