Office365 calendar items missing but not all

I’m testing emClient with Office365 at work and everything is working great except a few of my calendar appointments are missing. Any ideas why they are missing?

hmm, i have the same problem. I have a gmail business account and the calendar is syncing between the desktop and the phones, but one account is missing some items and after editing the event that is not shown, the event shows up. Very strange.

Google Calendars have always been a bit hit and miss syncing with eM Client. What you can try is to right-click on the calendar and choose Properties > Repair. It sometimes helps but is not reliable.

With Office365, you can try the same, but if you setup the account as Exchange you will have better results as that uses the EWS protocol which is more reliable for contacts and calendars than AirSync.

Thank you for your comment. But it always worked in the past. THis is something from 2 last couple of week(s).
Has it somehting to do with the new update EMclient or has google changed something?

There have been some issues with eM Client and Google recently. Please see the following announcement on this forum:

You go to Menu > Tools > Operations and look in the Log tab for any errors.

Two years latter this issue still persist. I’m missing periodic entries on calendar.
Is this a problem with eM Client or it is related to AirSync protocol?
I prefer to setup the account as Outlook because I get inmediate push email not available in Exchange mode.

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