Office 365 from Godaddy Workaround! Working 100%

I was able to get my Office 365 from GoDaddy account to sync with these steps.

  1. Create a new account under the Exchange option under Mail during “Set up an account”
  2. For “Email address:” I entered “[email protected]” despite my actual Office 365 email being “[email protected]
  3. “User name:” should be your actual Office 365 email (mine is [email protected])
  4. Enter your Office 365 password
  5. When you press next it will give you an error about finding the Exchange server. Set the server in the new text box to
  6. In “Account Details” correct the Name and Email fields.
  7. After you press “Finish” it will correctly sign you into your account. 
  8. Before leaving the Accounts Settings, update your Email under User Information.
  9. Press OK to close Account Settings.

That is the workaround to getting eM Client to sign in using a Office 365 from GoDaddy email.
I suspect the issue to be because eM doesn’t recognize the Exchange server from GoDaddy. If you do it normally you’ll get a failed authentication. Setting the domain (and thus the server address) to probably gets around GoDaddy’s SSO you’d normally have to do in Outlook.

I’m glad I figured this out. Developers please take note of this and maybe gift me a Pro License? (:

Nice! Thanks Jovanie.

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Thank you so much!  You are a lifesaver.

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You can also edit the Providers.xml file and add your email server in there. Do a search in this support forum for providers.xml. One person has posted instructions.

Thank you! This solution worked today (3 years after posting!)

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