Odd message with calendar invite

Hi There,

We are getting a reply to calendar invites that are sent with the following message

“You have been sent a participation status reply from an attendee for schedules items which were not found. It will be ignored.”

The odd thing is the event and reminder comes up for everyone but the message is very confusing. We are worried that this could cause a problem. Can someone clarify why this error is coming up?

Hi There,

Just following up to see if anyone knows what this message is or if we should be worried it could cause an problem?

Many Thanks

I had asked a moderator to merge this thread with another one you commented in.

I think they did not understand what merging threads mean, but anyway they did comment that they agree there is an issue and they’re looking into it.

If you would like to contact eM Client directly and have a Pro License, you can open a support ticket with them.

Thank you Gary - I have submitted a ticket now. I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this message before as it doesn’t appear to do anything but definitely makes you sweat a bit hahaha