odd email/chrome problem!!

hello all.

A few weeks ago, an odd problem started.  When i click on a link in an email, a chrome window opens and thats all it does.   Stays white.  Can’t close it, move it… nothing… the only way to fix it is to delete ALL chrome windows, which of course sucks… you can’t reopen every window every time you open email

This is new, has never happened before.  I’m not sure if it coincides with doing anything that might have caused it, so i can’t really guess what happened.  I’ve had EM a long time and this is a strange new problem.  

when i close all chrome tabs, it works fine. if there are 3-4-5 windows open an hour later, it does it again… it’s not like i have 40-50 windows open at once…

Any ideas from the smart people here?