OATH in general (not just MS and Outlook)


I have recommended EM Client to goodness knows how many customers over the last few years.

Recently with v8 OATH (in general) has become a major issue with EMClient and I have customers ringing who were working fine but now are not, since updating. The only solution I have found is to downgrade them to v7.2

Clearly if downgrading to an older version of EMClient is a solution then the problem is with v8.x

My customers are inclined to click on updates and since I can’t turn off autoupdating/prompting in v7.2 they are back to square one and come back to me.

I’ve reached a tipping point. I can’t keep using EMClient on customers computers and then resolving this issue FOC. I’m going to have to switch them all to an alternative.

Can EMC acknowledge this issue and comment on a permanent resolution for v8.x?!

Alternatively, allow v7.2 users to disable updating?!



The issue was with the MS server, not the application, as it affected all applications alike that where using oAuth for authentication of the MS account.

No one has yet reported oAuth issues with any other email provider. As you say this is not just MS, what servers do you have an issue with? And is it really a oAuth issue?

Free license users cannot disable updates being offered, but Pro Business users can in their license manager. If regular Pro license users want to disable this, they can contact us and we will disable it individually for them.

I’ve had problems with Gmail as well.

Mail stops working. You delete the acount, re-create the account going throuh OAuth and it’s the same problem.

I’ve tried removing EMC from the list of authorised 3rd party software, uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted all folders and reg keys.

No Joy.

As soon as I remove v8 and downgrade to v7 all is well.

By the way until this I’ve been a massive EMC fanboy and have spread the word far and wide and encouraged customers to buy it (where appropriate). So I’m not sticking the boot in “joyfully”.

I’ve also followed your legendary performance on the MS OAUTH post. Hats off to you!

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I’ve had problems with Gmail as well.
Mail stops working. You delete the account, re-create the account going through OAuth and it’s the same problem.

I’ve tried removing EMC from the list of authorised 3rd party software, uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted all folders and reg keys.

That’s very strange V8 is not working the same as V7. I’ve personally have never seen that problem.

The below Gmail IMAP setup screenshot works perfectly with eM Client V8 as long as you authorize eM Client access in Google when you add the account (as you have already done). I can also concur with @Gary there hasn’t been any recent OAuth issues with Gmail. Only Microsoft.

So if your Internet connection (is stable & constant), then i suspect there must be (something running) on your computer interfering with the mail client receiving. So if you have any eg: Optional Firewall / Security programs, Antivirus programs, Vpn’s etc, try disabling those to test if they are the issue.

If you don’t have any of the above optional programs installed, or disabling them made no difference then i would suggest to next either try disabling (all background tasks) to troubleshoot and reboot, or even create a new “Test profile” to see if that even works correctly.

Lastly check that you have (a recent version of eM Client 8) as there has been alot of updates in the last year or so. You can check via the version history page - https://www.emclient.com/release-history

Note:- If you do upgrade, take a note first of your current version via “Menu / Help / About” and then backup via “Menu / Backup” incase you need to restore for any reason.

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Thanks @cyberzork

They are all runnning Avast Cloudcare Business (sold by us).
No 3rd party firewall.
Very little running at startup (thanks to the way we set up their computers).

I could ask them for a router reboot in case it’s a DNS issue but then you would expect V7 to be effected similarly.

I could try a quick “fresh profile” but on the whole I’m using remote support and switching users is a PITA when remoting.

The version is always the very latest version of 8.


They are all runnning Avast Cloudcare Business

Ok. Alot of forum users have found with Avast they had to eg: “Disable the inbound mail scanning” in Avast due to it was either blocking or interfering with inbound mail. Have you tried that already ?. Its called the “MailShield”. See eM Client post on the topic below.

Version 8 upgrade - Problem with Gmail server connection - Announcement - eM Client

Jul '20
Hello everyone,

We believe that you’re enjoying the look and features of our new eM Client version 8.

To those (Avast antivirus users) who are experiencing the issue with Gmail when eM Client can’t connect to the IMAP server - please disable the Avast Mail Shield or grant an exception to the eM Client app in Avast settings. Avast antivirus is blocking the connection to the server and this will allow you connect to your Gmail server again.

With kind regards,
eM Client Team

Ahhhhhhhh. That would be great if it was. I’m literaly connecting to someone now with this problem. I’ll check and see.