Number of received and unread emails near the account name

Good morning,
not number of received and unread emails appears near the account name, if it is reduced. So, if I have many accounts, I don’t know on which account I received (or are unread) new emails.

Hello, you can create search folders for this purpose under smart folders, one for each of your accounts. They will aggregate all of your messages from your chosen account(s). To create a search folder simply right-click any of the folders under Smart folders and choose to display search folders. After that you can right-click search folders and create a new one with your custom set of criteria. Hope that helps.

What the OP probably means is the simple addition of numbers for unread and received mails next to each account’s inbox without the hassle of having to create search folders, just like in Thunderbird:

Which is sth. that seems absolutely basic and has been asked for for years. This applies not only to account folders but to any folder with a sub-folder. Only the lowest hierarchy of folders gets an unread-count.

Once the folder is folded, you won’t know where the unread mail is. I have actually reorganized all my subfolders to the first hierarchy in Gmail and “grouped” the by giving the folder name a prefix like this family-(folder name).

Which is a terrible but as of now necessary workaround for a very simple, very basic, feature.

I have the same problem. I have 8 accounts. This was solved very well in Windows Live Mail 2012. There was simply a number of unread messages in parentheses next to account.

Unfortunately that is not possible in eM Client. The best current option is the Unread folder, which will give you a total count for the whole database.