Nowhere to go

After an irregular shutdown, the database passes the corrupted database check but fails the inconsistent data check.

This leaves me nowhere to go. Even the Close button in the eM Client database check dialog box is unavailable. Restarting gives the same result.

The Details dialog box reports that “Some kind of disk I/O error occurred” - all parameters are /0.

What do I do now? Any help much appreciated

It seems to be the same problem I have

When it happens again, send us your database please so we can analyse it further. Thank you.

Thanks George, but rather than put you to all that trouble, after a bit of research on databases in the forum, I thought I would try installing eM Client 5 first. It worked and I have my email and calendar back.

It looks like eM Client is the alternative to Outlook I’ve been looking for. I’ve bought a PRO licence and I look forward to a long relationship.

All the best