Novice user seeks guidance....

Since installing last night - I’m repeatedly asked ( multiple requests ) to - ‘confirm password’ for my email accounts - each time I’ve reloaded my eM from the Start menu on my Windows xp laptop. Another small niggle is - from clicking the eM icon in Start Menu - 30 -60 secs pass before the screen loads noticeably slower than my old Microsft Outlook. ANY guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. P. Harris. U.K.

what email provider do you use? Majority of similar issues is caused by account misconfiguration so I would start by double-checking the settings.

Hi George - Thank you for your interest. I ONLY chose to ‘import’ to eM Client - my ‘Google Mail’ accounts. My former accounts, I now no longer use - as Yahoo Mail was for me EXTREMELY SLOW to load pages freezing etc.
The MOST niggly thing for me at the moment is that whenever I reload eM as soon as my ‘desktop’ appears I’m bombarded with several requests for password confirmation - even when i’ve only been perhaps away from eM Client for 30 minutes etc. Despite clicking ‘ok’ when asked to confirm - the requests for confirmation for all of the 8/9 gmail accounts continues thru 1-9 and then starts again until i click ‘cancel’ one after the other -like a rapid machine-gun fire - lol.

Any suggestions/guidance welcomed please.
Thanks in advance.
Paul Harris.

Try to disable your problematic accounts for a while, create them again and let me know if it helps.