Notified me when not replied

Is there anyway to set this on a message already sent?  I see how to do it as I am creating the message, but would love to be able to go back and set it if I forget.

This is a new feature available in version 8. 

Go to the Sent folder and right-click on the message. Choose Watch for Reply > Notify me when not replied > etc.

Perfect!  I thought it was there, just couldn’t find it.

Does anyone know how this is supposed to work?   I have marked some emails that I need to be notified  forif they don’t reply.  I never got responses and noticed that they have disappeared from my Unreplied Folder, and I never saw a notification.

Will the system think I got a reply if I receive a different mail from the recipient?

Do the Unreplied work across multiple computers?  Meaning, if I mark one on my laptop, will it show up on my Desktop?

If you send a message, and choose to be notified if not replied in 30 minutes, the message will be displayed in the Unreplied Smart Folder for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes are up, and there is no reply, you will receive a notification and the message will be removed from the Unreplied Smart Folder.

If the message does receive a reply within 30 minutes it will not give a notification, and will no longer be displayed in the Unreplied folder.

I just tested it. It did not work for me.  Message disappeared from the Unreplied box.  And I did not get a notification.

What time limit did you use?

What beta version are you using?

30 Minutes so I could test it.

I am on version 8.0.1612

Can you upgrade to the latest beta and see if there is any difference. If not, can you please send your feedback to

I did a little more testing yesterday.  When I turned on “System Notifications” and watched for it, I got the notice.    But they sort of hide there.  And I guess this means it does not sync across PC’s.  I don’t think it will work for me.  I will just flag them.

No, it does not sync across PCs. 

This is a good feature, but it does not work for me because i use filters to automatically file sent email, and this feature is not available as an action on filters.