Notification window doesn't access filtered mail message

When I receive a new message that is filed in a folder by a rule, if I then click on the new mail notification pop-up window, it just shows a blank window with the message title. I expected the full message to be displayed, even if it’s not in the inbox, but already in a separate folder. I’m using 4.0 eM with gmail.


we are aware of the issue and are currently working on the fix.

I’ve got similiar problem. I’m filtering emails into folders in gmail account. But em-client doesn’t notify me about new email in that folders. But when I open emclient, folder label is bold.

It appears that the problem I reported above is now working. I can click on the notification pop-up window and the message is displayed, even if it has been moved to a folder by a filter. I am using build 4.0.15350. Can you confirm the fix for this has been implemented, or am I just seeing intermittent behavior? If it’s fixed, thanks - that’s a small, but nice improvement.

Yes, it is fixed.