Notification Sound Mac

How do I adjust the notification volume on Mac? The only thing I could find to change it is in my Settings > Output Volume. Settings > Alerts doesn’t have any affect and are set much lower.

Currently my Output Volume is louder for things like meetings and music. But that means my alerts play equally loud which scares the you-know-what out of me every time it dings. I changed the sound to something simpler but it’s still waaaay too loud. I feel like my email alerts shouldn’t be tied to my overall computer volume. Am I missing something?

From my own experience of sound notifications using eM Client and a Mac, the volume level for Incoming mail and other eM Client sound notifications is completely controlled by the Mac OS itself “so is the same level volume for everything”.

There is no separate direct volume controls in eM Client for the various sound notifications. Only different sound files you can associate to each item. eM Client maybe might add them in the future.

So suggest atm if the sound notification volume is too high or too low for a particular eM Client notification item, i would suggest to open those externally in an open source audio editor such as eg: Audacity, and then adjust the volume up or down and then resave it out as another file name. Then choose that new saved sound file for whatever eM Client sound notification you want.