notification icon on taskbar

just updated win 10 from an earlier version of same - not sure on version numbers but update is anniversary version 

eM Client worked flawlessly on old win 10 - new mail showed notification icon on taskbar was 100% reliable 

new update of 10 and eM Client has a mind of its own - had mail 5 minutes ago - no notification icon on taskbar - had to reset password to post here so a mail for that and icon showed

checked all settings and gone back to earlier build to double check and everything is the same - is this a known problem?

Hello Tony,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but if things only got messy after a Windows update and work well now that you went back, it doesn’t sound like an eM Client issue.


you miss my point or some of it - em Client worked well with the original win10 release - they [Microsoft] have now updated to the anniversary build and thats broken eM Client in that the notification icon on the taskbar does not show 100% of the time - it did in the original build of win10

I agree its the update that has caused the problem but Microsoft are not going to care - so yes it is an eM Client issue in that your software no longer works as it should

That translates into:
“if you update your Windows regularly, we are not interested in your business”

Hello Tony,

In this case, we would start by checking your notification settings. Could you please post a screenshot of Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> General -> Notifications?

Thank you,

there you go - it makes little sense

I had a mail 5 minutes before yours - the 1st did not show a notification on the taskbar - the one from you did - that’s the pattern

the settings are exactly the same as the install on the earlier version of windows that worked 100%

I also note that my new mail notifications no longer work.

is this problem anywhere near being solved or do i need to look for an alternative email client

I found that somehow, the two bottom settings had been checked (although I certainly don’t recall doing this).  After un-checking them all seemed to work fine.  My apologies for not sharing this earlier.

hi Jay - interesting but if you look at my screen grab above i dont have the settings you circle - what version are you using and is it the paid for version or the free one

maybe i dont have something set correctly - off to check

I saw that, but I thought maybe it was just a screen capture issue.  Looks like the check boxes are cut off, but the menu option is there?

Try this-- go to this menu item at check Disable notifications when full screen…"  Then press tab, spacebar, tab space bar.  The uncheck what you checked above.

well i found 7.1 beta today and was hopeful but - no - just the same

what i have noticed on 7 and 7.1 is that the icon does show on the taskbar for a short time - 20 sec or there abouts - it then disappears - i have checked every setting in 10 and emclient but can find nothing wrong 

just found this old thread that i contributed to 2 years ago - looks like Microsoft have broken this again - its worked fine but again the mail icon is disappearing after 20 secs