Nothing is listed under the Contact Icon

When I try to look at my contact list, I go to the bottom left and click on the person icon. The folder is empty and says “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed”.

Yet, I do have a contact list I can access from Menu/Tools/Contacts.

I can also add new contacts using the down arrow next to MENU in the upper left and then click on contacts.

This is a fragmented way of doing things. It’s in 3 different places.

Should my contact list show up when I click on the Person Icon on the bottom left of my screen???
This would make access to contacts quick and easy and not have to delve deeper into the settings just to see contacts.


Try turning on “Show Local Folders” here:

MENU > Settings > General > Show Local Folders

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YES!! That worked! Thank you so much. I didn’t think having the go through all the menu and settings menu was the intended way to get to my contacts. Thanks again!

Glad all worked out…