Notes tab does not sync

Hello everyone
I have a problem with emclient and it concerns the notes tab.
In the notes tab I find only local notes and not notes from the Microsoft account, but from no account, only local.
I have a pro license of emclient and I have a regularly paid subscription of Microsoft 365.
Tasks sync, emails sync, calendar works, notes don’t…
In my outlook account inside emclient, I can see the notes folder, with all the notes inside, it means that the account is working, so why say on the emclient website that the notes are working when it’s not true? see Attachment.


It depends on how the account is setup in eM Client.

If the MS account is not setup as Exchange, you won’t have Notes that sync with the server. So check with your email provider if you have purchased an Exchange option. If you have, you can go to Menu > Accounts and remove the account, then add it back again using Add Account, and entering the email address in the automatic setup. If you have purchased an Exchange option, the account will be setup as Exchange and the Notes for that account will sync.

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