Not working with now! Why?

I have been using eM Client for a while now, downloading mail from my account. For the past 2 days now it does not work. I keep getting the message that ‘attempt to connect … failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings’.

I know the server is fine - I am able to log in fine with a browser window.

NOTHING has changed with my settings. Also, when I try to set up another ATT account I get an error message about ‘authentication failed’ but I know for sure I am using a valid ID/PW.

What is going on? Does this suddenly not work with AT&T? (It’s actually ATT Yahoo, but my login is

Can you setup a secure mail key in your ATT settings (done through their web interface) and use that for the password in eM Client.

Hi Gary, yes that finally resolved it. I took some digging to set this up properly.

Now why the h*&& couldn’t AT&T let me know of these changes?? They could have sent a friggin’ e-mail or something about what is happening and how to avoid surprises. I dug through my old e-mails and NOTHING on this change. It just happened suddenly. They are absolutely the worst ever with communications, and they are a communications company! Argh- I would never in a million years advise using AT&T products or e-mail.

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Below is a link that explains how to set this up.

But again, why couldn’t AT&T communicate this to their customers? Poor, poor customer service from them.

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Thanks for the link, @tedremus. That will help a lot of others, I am sure.