Not to synchronize account is synchronized when the program get started, why? Stop this.

I have several accounts in eMclient. My gmail-account is matched as “not to synchronize”, but everytime i start eMclient i get an error box that the program wasn’t able to synchronize it.

What option are you using to not synchronize?  I don’t believe you can have an IMAP account that does not synchronize as the server will always push new emails.  Can you upload a screenshot of your error?

Hi Jay, thank you for reply! Here are two hardcopys. First is the error and second my setting with which i tought that it stops automatically synchronize. (Please ignore my maybe bad english…it’s not my native language) 

That option actually won’t impact IMAP accounts, such as Gmail.  To stop the error message, make sure your gmail port settings are as follows:

Port 993
Security Policy Use SSL/TLS on special port (Legacy)

Port 587
Security Policy Force usage of SSL/TLS

Hi Jay,
ok thank you for help. Now my question changed to: “Stop Error message when gmail is synchronized”
My gmail post settings are as you explained. I minimized the SERVICES only to IMAP and SMTP but there is still an error message everytime when I synchronize. I changed my settings to english, and I hope you can better analyze the operations log and the other hardcopys. Can you see a mistake in my settings?

Make sure that the security policy is as Jay commented above, i.e. Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy). Another thing you can try is to disable your anti-virus and firewall and try again.