Not showing Unread indicator in Taskbar icon anymore

eM Client used to show a black “envelope” overlay on the app icon in the Taskbar if there were unread messages. However I don’t see it anymore – I’m not sure if it started when I upgraded to 9.1 but it was around the same time. I still get the notification pop-ups, but no change in the Taskbar icon. Is there some setting for this that might have gotten flipped?

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Check your WIndows Taskbar settings.

Taskbar badges are (and always have been) turned on. Any other ideas?

It definitely works.


But there are reasons the OS may not display it, like for instance if you use small taskbar icons, you won’t get badges.

Thanks for the help. I have the Taskbar set to the default size. I can’t remember changing anything. It seems I stopped seeing the new mail envelope right around the time that I upgraded to 9.1

I reinstalled eM Client and sent myself a new email from a different computer. Still no envelope on the taskbar icon.