Not Searching on all fields

Whilst this is also a posted idea the search engine is too important to not also consider as a problem. I have hundreds of contacts and I need to search on ‘all fields’ the search engine cannot find company’s etc. Needs addressing soon.

you are correct. This issue is now fixed and will be available with the next update (1-3 weeks).

Hey guys.
The year 2014 knocks on the door and you still didn’t fix this.
What’s it with you guys?

for me it is working in 5th and 6th version.

You can try this version… if it will not help you then tell me what you want to find in what field.


I have the latest version (5.0.188661.0) and if I check for an update I get a message that says There is no update available.

I have posted link to newer version in my previous post…


I’m a new user. I can’t seem to get search to return any useful results. Is this working?

Hi, search field is working. You have to click in respective folder and then search email you want to search or you can use “Advanced search” (under gray arrow in search bar), to specify everything you need.


Hi Chuck,

Do take the following things into account:

* you have to press [enter] or click on the magnifier button to start the search action

* there is an almost hidden menu which you can use to specify 2 things:

  1. in which folders you want to search

  2. in which fields you want to search

screen shot:

I’ve suggested eM Client to make the search action ‘instantly’ (without having to press the [enter] key), and I’ve suggested eM Client to move those 2 groups from the hidden menu as 2 combo boxes next to the field in which you can enter the search text.

Was informations from user Hans or me useful to you?

Yes, thank you. I’m able to get the results I’m looking for. It seemed that the search results got better after a day or two. Is there an indexing function running in the background?