Not receiving Outlook emails

Just for context, This was my attempted Reply to Gary, who asked me for a screenshot of Thunderbird Settings ?
For some reason, I am blocked from replying for 3 Hours after a certain number of replies !

I have the same exact issue here. Em Client was working great for a long time with my addresses until yesterday. Now I get the connection failed error with the red triangle.

Note that my other 3 clients Outlook 365, Mail Bird, and Windows Mail still work with with no issues. I use the IMAP/SMTP for all clients.

Obviously the issue is with EM Client.

The suggestion by Gary, about adding outlook manually actually worked for me :slight_smile:
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Thunderbird is using IMAP. It does not synchronize your contacts. If you can live without having your contacts synchronized and do not use a web calendar, then you’re in good shape.

eM Client synchronizes your Microsoft Email Account contacts, calendar, and folders. Right now as Gary has said (a dozen times) the problem is on Microsoft’s server, not eM Client.

They are not using oAuth, so they work. Please setup your account in eM Client without oAuth as I have already given above, and it will also work.

That is because you are a new user on level 0.

Please see a reply I gave earlier today at:

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You mean those which have the ability to use oAuth. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they do. That is always dependent how you setup the account .

If you read above, the current issue is that Microsoft’s oAuth has failed. So an email Client where the account is configured to authenticate with oAuth will fail. But in the same application that can support oAuth, you can setup the account as I commented above, and it will work. That is because it is setup without oAuth.

Does that make sense?

No one has given any proof above that any of these other applications are using oAuth to connect to In fact they have all done the opposite, giving screenshots that show the application is not using oAuth for authentication of that email account.

Gary ?
Please excuse my Ignorance ?
But you still haven’t answered what benefit the oAuth Authentication has ?

Why not eM Client removes it from the Automatic Set up process ?


Yes, you are already using IMAP but that is not what is causing your problem. You are having a problem because you set up your current using the Automatic setup feature in eM Client. You need to set up a new account in eM Client manually by clicking on Mail / Other and follow directions in post #15 and #86. If you are using eM client free and you already have two accounts, delete your existing Outlook account in eM Client and then add the new one manually.

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I think Gary answered it in post #66.

Excuse me L_V ?

But why can’t eM Client remove oAuth from Auto Set Up ?
It would then connect to Outlook ? - Yes ?

I gave one above, which in my personal opinion is the most useful to the user.

Do you have a favorite search engine? There is a lot of material in the Internet about the benefits of oAuth.

Because on setup, eM Client asks the server what authentication methods it offers. From the options the server provides, we choose the most secure.

According to the information, I got to level 1 over 7 hours ago “earned Basic” after doing what you suggested in the feedback post I made. I am still getting this 3 hour limit despite you saying that retrictions would be lifted after reaching level 1. Got a message while posting this that I still need to wait 5 minutes before posting. The clock is also slow, after waiting 5 minutes and 20 seconds, it still said I had another 2 minutes to wait.

Not getting a really good vibe here. if you can’t make a basic forum work properly, what chance does a much more sophistcated email program stand of working properly?

thanks! That seems to have done the trick. :grinning:

Gary ?
Please don’t get the wrong idea ?
I am not somebody with an Anti-eM Client agenda ?
Actually, the exact opposite, being a long time user, without problems ?
Hence, why I only joined this Forum Yesterday ?

But, I urge you and your Management Team at eM Client, to consider ?
Is it at all likely, that Microsoft make it easier for you to provide an alternative to their own Email Client ?

As a Free user, I’m sure many will say “No Loss” ?
But others with Paid Accounts will leave :frowning:

You have identified a way to resolve the issue, and perhaps, in the future, Microsoft will fix the issue ?
I get what you say about oAuth being more secure ?
But your customers are going to choose email Client Programs that work with Outlook and similar.

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I started having the same problem yesterday. I had two accounts with a lot of folders and rules set up. But clicking on that red arrow to connect never worked, so I bit the bullet and uninstalled eM Client using Revo-uninstaller and nuked everything including backups.

I reinstalled eM Client and added back my accounts. Slowly all of my folders came back and emails are now downlading with not problems.

One thing you can do to make sure you don’t lose emails you need to keep (although I didn’t lose any) is to backup all emails using a free copy of MailStore Home.
I hope this helps someone.

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I did exactly the same and it does NOT work. I uninstalled Emclient with Revo uninstaller, started up again the pc. Reinstalled and used the standard setup for my outlook account. Did not work, same errors…

I also followed the instructions for the work-around and still does not work? How much longer are we going to have to put up with no email? Sure feel sorry for any office complexes that are using for their businesses.

This does not shine well on EMC!

It is not necessary to reinstall eM Client. Please use the manual setup as I described above. Automatic Setup which is the standard setup, will not work because it will use oAuth.

What did Microsoft give you as an ETA for fixing this when you contacted them?