Not receiving mails & don`t know any login details


Problem 1:

For the last 2 days, I have not been receiving any mails with my business email account. My website was supposed to go live a few days ago and that is when the problem started. Afrihost, the domain server, is sorting out the problem with my website at the moment.
But now I don`t know if the problem with my emails, which is part of the Afrihost package, is an eM Client problem or if the problem is with Afrihost.
A friend helped me to set up eM Client for me on my laptop, which opens everytime I start my laptop.

Problem 2:

So I do not have a password or username if I had to log onto my business emails from another computer. Where do I go to find that?


Hi Belinda,

I assume your system administrator will know your username … and he can probably reset your password.

And on your first computer where you have eM Client installed, you can go to tools > accounts to see the usernames of your e-mail accounts.

Hi Belinda, please contact your mail server’s support to obtain information on how to login to your email using their webmail application, which allows you to access the messages on the server directly, and for the recommended settings on how to setup an email application with their mail server.

Are there any errors shown in eM Client while you’re trying to synchronize your items with the server?

Thank you,