not receiving mail from my mobile messenger service on AT&T phone

Recently I stopped getting mail/images from using messenger on my AT&T phone that I used to be able to send pictures eM Client on my computer.  Any ideas why?  Seems I can only use my GMail account to forward images to eM Client that will be received.

Take eM Client out of the equation and see where the problem is.

To do that send the message from your phone, but instead of opening eM Client to view it, log on to the web interface for the email address you are using in eM Client. See if the message is there. If it is not there, then there is no way it can appear in eM Client.

If it is there, but it is still not appearing in eM Client, then you will need to check if there are other messages as well that are not being received in eM Client. Compare those in the web interface with those in eM Client.