Not Receiving E-mails that have attachments

Hi, I’ve used eM Client for many years with no issues, but I have recently bought a new laptop (HP with Windows 11) and I am not receiving certain e-mails in my eM inbox that have attachments. I can see them in my yahoo mail online, but they don’t come through to eM. Any help appreciated!

Do you use on your new laptop an AV software and/or a firewall that guard your email? If it’s the case, could you perform few tests after disabling your protection software?

Hi, thanks for your response. As far as I am aware I just use the basic windows firewall, nothing extra. My antivirus is Avast free.

Could you shut Avast, let’s say for an hour, and do some testing to see if attachments are handled correctly?

Morning, thanks very much for your reply. I have also been in touch with eM support. They appear to have fixed the issue for me. Apparently there have been changes made by Yahoo to their servers, and this is the reason. eM said there would be a permanent fix in the next eM update release.

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