Not printing emails using right click, print

I am having problems printing emails in that I right click then select print (which brings up the print preview) and then select print which then causes it to lock up. If I save as pdf and then print from that pdf all good but otherwise I have to shut down EM and reopen again.

Windows 10 Current version
eM Client 8.1.1060

I just tested the print option as you described and other than it being a little slow for my liking, it did work.

What eMC version are you using?
Are you able to print in the same manner if attempted outside of eMC without a “lock up”?

No problem printing elsewhere and only just downloaded from EM website (not at pc at mo).

Just received some embedded forms by email from my accountant and had to sign some of them. First time I’m printing something from eMC. Printing went so smooth I’m surprized some users have even problems with it. With an ordinary Windows 10 laptop and a low-budget Canon inkjet printer. v8.1.1087.