Not losing formatting when pasting from Word to email

I have created a newsletter in Word and I would like to copy and paste to email but not as an attachment. The reason being is that a lot of recipients may not have “Word” in order to open.
Is there anyway I can copy the newsletter from Word to the main body of the email without losing the formatting, pictures etc.?

Thank you

In MS Word, use Ctrl + A (to select everything) then Ctrl + C (to copy).

In eM Client, use Ctrl + V (to paste).

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the reply. That only works when you have only text in the Word document. The newsletter has pictures, special fonts on headings, inserts from the web etc. They do not copy and the formatting is all screwed up.

If it is just text without formatting that is being pasted, then check in your settings to make sure that HTML format is enabled (1 below) and that formatting is enabled for pasting (2 below).

But I wonder if this is maybe a limitation of MS Word (which I don’t use). I tested it with LibreOffice and it works just fine. Maybe an MS Word user will comment on this, but if you can convert your MS Word document to HTML, then it should appear the same when you paste it into eM Client.

Hi Gary,

Thank you for the reply and the much appreciated help on this issue.

Well I changed the setting in EMC to “Keep Formatting” and it was much better however the photos did not copy over. Some of the formatting (spacing, fonts, etc.) did get skewed as well but it was much closer. If there was someone that had a better understanding of Word and they could provide some input that would be great!

Thanks a again for your help!