Not liking version 7 AT ALL!!!

Ok, read the FAQ’s, thought I had a handle on it.  DISMAL FAILURE!!

In a nutshell: spouses PC failed, MB.  It was old, new PC time.  Have a brand new I5 screamer, migration has been a bit of a problem, fortunately the HD is still good.  Set up new PC, new email (em client v7, previous was v6, and here we go)  Timing on this very poor.  From reading faq’s it doesn’t seem like I can restore a v6 backup to v7.  People report all sorts of problems migrating from 6 to 7, so I decide to go with export / import.  Stupid me.

I settled on putting her old drive in my PC as a C: and viola, it worked!  Up comes the vision of her old PC.  Open EM client 6, settle on “Export” her v6 local folders with all her saved important messages to DVD, 717 emails, easy peasy right?  WRONG!!!  Take the DVD to new pc, open it in file manager, open EM client 7, select file import, hahahaahahaah, gotcha suckers, it doesn’t recognize the v6 emails or contacts!!!  Something about “too old a version” !!!  well if that doesn’t take the cake, it’s only like a few days older than 7 for heaven sakes.


So now what do I do?  For a temp solution, gonna remove v7 from her new pc, and attempt a v6 install from the download site.  Then contemplate what email system to use for the future, not feeling EM Client has a future with us. 

In the meantime, I strongly advise any v6 user to stay on 6, 7 is not ready for prime time.  Good heavens, even Microsoft figured out people would have to migrate to win10 and managed to cobble together an upgrade method.  Very obvious to me the EM Client folks gave this no thought at all.  Also, spouse hates the new v7 layout, and I’m not a fan either!

A very amusing and well-crafted post indeed!  I’m a long time eMC user and currently on 6 and will likely remain here till I die (I’m an old fart anyway). Lucky for me, my 6 has (had?) been very robust for years, and I love it (I’m a power user and  build my own PCs). A few wks ago, however, it started flaking on me with a version running in the background but no visible app in the foreground, such that I could not open the app, and  had to kill the background copy with Task Mgr. first.  Then when the new one opened, it had to go through a very long integrity check of the DB. I had 4-5K emails in the Inbox at the time. Then some hours to days later, the above ritual would repeat, and repeat…until I’d had enough. A corrupt app. As a side note, when the OS or an app is behaving irrationally it’s become corrupted, Give it up and just reinstall.  I had to  do this a couple times in the early months of Win10 and it’s now rock solid.

Long story short, I removed the eMC 6 and downloaded the latest 6 from the website and it’s running fine, so you can go back. That’s what I’d do, Then wait the 4-5 yrs for 7 to mature and everyone will be complaining about version 8.

The caveat here is it’s a free app for home use, so you know the old saying… Although I guess enterprise users do have to pay for it, so if I were an IT manager, I’d be pretty pissed. They kicked 7 out the door before it’s time, as you observed.

I too had the problem with Version 6 export Version 7 import…
But I found a way to get the emails to load into version 7…

What I did was:

  1. on the version 6 installation on my old PC I did an update to version 7 on my Old PC…via the program update option in Version 6… (Help Menu - Check for Update)  it updated the latest version of Version 6 to Version 7… Rebooted and Version 7 was in place…

  2. I then exported all of my emails (over 3,000 emails… most with attachments) using the export to .eml files. 

  1. Then imported via the new 7.0 installation for each folder created by the export into the corresponding folder of the new PC installation.

Worked like a charm… All emails showed up in Inbox and Sent box… Version 7 is actually a great version.  Works much better in Windows 10.
Good Luck!

I sadly bought into v7 because I was getting all sorts of odd actions on v6 and it has done nothing for me. The way emails are chained is very elusive and I find myself stuck in the chain and unable to open and manipulate the email I am reading. Stick with v6

The way i did it.
Get the version software that i was using  Ver 6  at
Then run the EMClient backup facility
Move both the backup and software to a safe folder on pc.
Ran the Update to version 7
Every thing was still there.
Make sure that ALL MAIL is displayed from your email server (gmail, etc)

Ran the EMC  backup for ver 7 
Copied the verion for ver 7 to another safe folder
Ran the emc backup  to the same safe folder

Installed ver 7 on new pc
then ran the restore from EMC backup ver 7

Assumption I used all of its defaults for file locations  If you didnt then you will have problems.
But I do miss the Folder in the search feature as it always shows all mail so I added the field Account.  I did create my own theme (classic theme  with Blue and red line between lines.
If link is still good

FYI  I use Gmail  16 folders in gmail,   EMC  Archive function  EMC Backup function  EMC-Gmail Contacts and EMC-Gmail Calendar  and have several accounts so I use the smart folders (Inbox, junk)  so I can see them all in one place.  (  in display I added the Account field be able to tell which is from where.  Gmail 2 level signon security and have smart phones all attached.

You can turn conversations off in V7-- menu/tools/settings/mail and check “disable conversations”. It will then act more like v6. One thing to remember about v6 is its rendering engine is Internet Explorer (v7 uses Chrome), a dead product being phased out by Microsoft. No telling how long IE will be supported (maybe years, maybe not).

I did that too  Still wish the vendor had a good way of uploading client made themes This forum is not good for that.  

Thanks for your theme.

I was unable to upgrade from v6 to v7 in-place. My solution was to sync all my email to GMAIL. This involved thousands of emails, and due to GMAIL restrictions this operation required several days. Once all my email was in GMAIL, I uninstalled v6, installed v7, entered my GMAIL credentials, and all worked fine. This process should work with any email service supporting IMAP.

Using GMAIL as my mail server allows me to use GMAIL’s email filtering, which is really easy to use to redirect incoming emails into folders. The filtering in GMAIL works better than the filtering in eM Client, in my opinion. Also, since the filtering happens “in the GMAIL cloud,” the email is filtered already before it hits my email reader on any of my computers (PC, tablet, smartphone). That’s handy.

After upgrading to v7 I spent some time wading through the configuration options, especially for how to make best use of the screen real estate. I like the ability to be able to compress the line spacing of the email headers list. I can see 31 headers at a time on the screen. Very handy for quickly spotting important emails. I’m using the 3-pane view with 1) folder structure, 2) email headers (1-line each), and 3) body of selected email.

since version 7 has a new database stucture , the upgrade can seem a bit more complicated than usualy updates, but if you kept up with updates on v6 you should not experience these issues (if so, we would appreciate exact cases of accounts that failed to be migrated).
If you are not sure if your eM Client 6 was up to date before you install eM Client you can download it from our website first (in the Downloads section) -

As for the migration:
If you have version 6 installed and/or still have the database in the default DB folder, you will be asked during eM Client 7 installation from which programs do you want to import your data: eM Client 6 will be shown here.
If you had database in different file or skipped the default migration, you can import data using Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6 option.


Hello David,
you can disable the email chains in Menu>View>Conversation>Disable Conversations.


Thank you. I have followed this and hope it works for me. I kept finding myself in an email I wanted to open but could not open it when in a converstaion

And yet Olivia… you have thousands of complaints about inability to “upgrade” from v6.  For heavens sake, there is one from Art just above your reply to me right here.  And of course, from me. and from, and lots and lots of others.  I see a pattern here, and from my experience in the world software consulting, complete failure of any sort of robust UAT, you guys just went for it, after all… “what could possibly go wrong, it works in the lab”.

And I bet you never even thought of a case in which a PC died and required a disk based migration of v6 data, did you?

Anyway, I did finally get my spouses new PC going, I uninstalled v7 from her new machine, downloaded v6 from your site (thanks for keeping those old versions!), and then did a complete copy of all her .dat files from the old hard drive.  v6 then came back just as it had been when the PC croaked last week.  In NO CASE was your anemic “backup / restore” or your “export / import” of any use at all, might as well just remove those from your menu.

Bottom line though, it’s going to get really chilly in a normally hot place before v7 comes to our house.  Still not a fan of 7.