Not in contacts filter

I’ve just downloaded v7.0.24859.1 on Windows 10. POP setup.

I was hoping that in v7 I could create a filter to move an email to trash if the sender wasn’t in my contacts but I don’t see it there. Does that mean each email I want to send to trash I have to create it’s own filter?

Hi Larry,
you can definitely set up such rule.

After message has be received,
move to folder, (choose Trash)
except from people, (Click People, open all your contacts, Select All by clicking the top check box; if you want to add another address to the exception, just go back to Tools>Rules section to modify the rule)


Sorry, Olivia. That is too cumbersome and prone to error. Other email clients I’ve used have an option in filters “Not in Contacts”.  This is much cleaner and doesn’t need any followup except to make sure emails you don’t want sent to trash are in Contacts.