NOT have every email address come up

is there a way to NOT have every email address from my GMAIL account in the TO field when i compose an email ?

for example, my friend nick has had 10 email address between work + personal. and so when i go to compose an email to him, every email he has ever had comes up. i’d rather it just be the 3 email addresses i have for him, which are stored on ICLOUD ?

just started using emclient with frequency + with the dark frost skin (doesn’t hurt my eyes as much as the bright default skins) and really like the program, especially it’s speed.

Hi, you can “delete” email addresses in whisperer by clicking on red “x” near them when they show in “To:” field.

You can do that also in Tools - Settings- Mail - Compose - Show recipients…


Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, that does not solve what I am trying to achieve.

Basically, I’d prefer for EM Client NOT to input every single email address that corresponds to the first few letters in the TO field.

For example, I i am writing my friend william jacboson, and enter WIL in the TO field, the following will come up.

ted WIL-liams
james WIL-son
WIL-liam jaster
WIL-helmina models

and let’s say the only person i keep in touch with is TED WILLIAMS, then the other 3 email addresses are just “noise”, so to speak, and clutter my email client up.

is there a way for EMCLIENT to basically have a completely blank TO field, and then EMCLIENT will only keep the emails that are in the recipient history ?

hope this makes sense. thanks so much !

Hi, unfortunately there’s no other way to achieve this than what John mentioned, if you click on the red cross, it will stop showing the address as you type,
but unfortunately there’s no setting that would allow you to add preferred adresses, or more settings that would make others not appear (except the red cross).

I hope you can manage to use the current setting.
Thank you,

is there a plan to add more optionality around this setting ?

somehow emclient pulls ALL email addresses since the beginning of time of my gmail account.

so for example, let’s say throughout the course of my gmail account i have corresponded to/from 10,000 people, yet my contacts tab in emclient only have 2,000 contacts, emclient pulls from those 10,000 people. as a result, when you go to compose a new email, the list of possible people after only typing in a few letters is very long.

my goal is to be able to only have my 2,000 in the contacts tab display.

please clarify if you could if this is possible, as ultimatlely that is the end goal: to have emclient only produce email addresses in the TO field of people in my contacts tab of emclient.

Hi, I’m sorry for the late reply, can you please check your Contacts folder and maybe make a screenshot of that window? eM Client only uses contacts stored in your contacts folder or emails that you’ve used with eM Client.

If you’re using gmail it’s possible all your contacts are stored in one of your contacts folder in em client.

Let me know how it goes,
thank you,