Not getting invitation responses

How do I get responses from meeting invites via email and also in the meeting invitation located in my calendar, so I can review the status of all attendees?

I’m sending meeting invites and two things happen:  

  1. I don’t get an email with the invitation response (my guest tell me that they accepted).

  2. I did a test with a friend and I successfully received his response via email, but the meeting invite in calendar was not updates with his acceptance.  When I received his email response, here is the message:  “You have been sent a participation status reply from an attendee for scheduled items which were not found. It will be ignored.”

My meetings were going into the Local Folder, which did not work, so I created a new calendar beneath my default email address, but that did not solve it.

Hi Nina,
unfortunately invitation responses are generated by the mail server that your attendee’s account is under, there is no way to force the invitation response from your side.
Also, seeing as your event is in your LOCAL folders, it cannot synchronize with the data that you would get from your attendee’s calendar.
Having the event under a calendar that is synchronizing to a server should however solve the problem with seeing the reply inside the event at least.