not downloading all the messages from my hotmail account and to the inbox

Im using Em client and since some days it is not downloading all the messages from my hotmail account and to the inbox, all the other folders are downloading OK but not the inbox, what could it be???

Hi Pablo, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer? Do you have any messages in the inbox that you would be missing in eM Client, e.g. messages available on the server are not available in eM Client?

Please check the exact version number in Help > About.

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i am having the same problem with INITIAL download of hotmail inbox. The download stops before all messages have downloaded. strangely, all sub-folders downloaded correctly.I have latest version of em Pro. i have no problem with complete hotmail inbox sync to my ipad, and thunderbird did it correctly too. is it possible that eM is set to routinely sync with my gmail accounts (downloaded before hotmail) and this stops the initial sync of hotmail inbox?
1/ is there a way to turn off sync? or schedule it every x hours or days?
2/ is there a way to sync different accounts at different intervals?
3/ is there a way to “sync all subfolders” or just “sync all inboxes”

Hi Jim,
eM Client automatically synchronizes your items based on the interval setup in your application settings under Tools > Settings > General > Synchronize items every X minutes, however if you’re using an IMAP account, eM Client keeps an IDLE connection between your computer and your mail server in order to fetch new messages delivered to inbox as soon as they become available on the server, so this setting is not followed while using an IMAP account.

Unfortunately it is not possible to setup different intervals for each account separately, however by default the application only synchronizes your Inbox folders, all other folders are synchronized after opening the selected folder.

You can however synchronize all your items automatically by enabling the “Download messages for offline use” option.

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thanks, Paul. It wasnt cllear to me, your last paragraph You can however synchronize all your items automatically by enabling the “Download messages for offline use” option. With this offline use option, does reM syncronize all folders? or again, just the inbox? I wasn’t understanding what you meant by “items”. also, if I use the “offline use” option, will the attachments of emails also be downloaded WITHOUT CLICKING OPEN OR SAVE? If I click save, do I have the option of saving the attachment WITHIN THE EMAIL as TB does?

Hi again Jim, if you enable the option “Download messages for offline use” all your message will be synchronized with eM client for offline use, including items in your subfolders.

Attachments are not downloaded automatically unless you check the option to include attachments while synchronizing items for offline use, if the option is checked attachments will be automatically downloaded to the application’s database, it is not possible to automatically download the attachments to another folder.


Paul, you have been very helpful> great cusromeer service. Thanks. I was going to exercise the 30 day money back guaranteee. now maybe i wont have to. when i set up eM, I diddnt see the option to download messages for offline use… I still dont see it. I have checked settings/general and mail. Where is it? also, if i find it and check it, will eM go back to my google accounts and download the entire message including attachments? or do i have to start anew and set up eM again. What I am trying to accomplish is this: i want a permanent record of all emails and attachments stored on my laptop, not only in the cloud. an d i want the attachments to stay with each individual email (likee TB)

Hi again Jim, the option is in your account settings in Tools > Accounts > Your account > IMAP, as I’ve mentioned the attachments are only downloaded if the sub-option to download messages for offline use, “including attachments” is enabled as well.

You can also setup the download messages for offline use option for a single folder only, by opening the folder’s preferences on right click and navigating to the offline settings for that folder in the properties window.


Paul, you have been an incredible help. (Please don’t go away). Ok, i have tested this out, and it seems to work as you say. But the “opening mail attachment” box that comes up when an attachment s clcked is very confusing. It says: Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer? This to me suggests that the file has not been downloaded. If it is part of the email and downloaded (as you say) , then it is already “saved to my compter”. and often times an “open” direction means that the file is avaivailable to be seen but not saved.

I hope I have been clear, but if it works as you say, and I am sure it does, then i will not ask for refund THANKS to you… is it possible to add the free updates to my purchase?

Sorry, the last sentence wasn’t clear:, and conveys the opposite to what I mean. how do I pay to add the update option to what I have paid alraedy for the PRO license?

Hi Jim, not completely sure what update option you’re referring to, do you mean the lifetime upgrades? You can purchase the lifetime upgrades on our website, here: .

If the “Including attachments” option is checked for your account, the attachments should be synchronized and downloaded to your current database, whenever you double click on the attachment if the attachment is downloaded you still should be prompted to one of the options to either save or open the attachment.

The attachment is currently located in your database, so on opening you have the option to save it into one of your folders on your computer, or you can just open it from your eM database.


Paul, you have been a huge help. Thanks for info on upgrades. Yes I did mean what you included. But I misread the offer and thought lifetime upgrades were less expensve. I will stay with eM client for now, and in large part thanks to you and your informative answers. Is there an email address that goes to you or your department head?

Hi again Jim, as a PRO license user you’re entitled to use the priority support at or at to submit any kind of query, unfortunately there’s no other option to contact other departments except sales at or in case you’d be interested in our reseller program you can also use for more information.

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