Not displaying emails in sequence

Since the latest update, when I’m reading my mail it won’t read all of them in sequence.

Say if I have six emails…

1 Facebook
2 Facebook
3 Youtube
4 Aunt Sally
5 Youtube
6 Billybobobrain

I’ll open 1, read it, hit delete. It may go to 2, it may skip 2, leaving it unread and go to 3. Even if it does go to 2 when I hit delete, it’s up in the air whether it’ll go to 3 or 4. I can’t detect a pattern, but if I hit up/down to go to the right message it won’t do it, it just does nothing.


Hi, Go to Tools - Settings - Mail - Read and tell me if you have checked or unchecked “Close original message window after deleting the message”.

Also go to Help - About and write me exact version number.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Version is : 6.0.19714.0
Close Original isn’t selected (Screen shot below)

In that one it went from the email from Jason to the notification email, skipping the ones from Facebook.

We have had same issue on paid support system and we have solved it, can I ask you if you are achieving your issue by these steps?:

  1. Open email in new window
  2. delete that opened email (using red “x” button)
  3. using blue arrows to move between emails (in opened message window)


Thanks for the attention and help :slight_smile:

I open the client, download a stack of emails, double click the first to open a new window (as you say), then hit the red x to delete and read the email, hit the x again, and work my way down in that manner. If I try to use the blue arrows to move up or down its like the unread emails that were skipped over don’t exist to it and it can’t/won’t move to them.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi, this is unfortunately normal behaviour, it is caused by different focus between opened message window and inbox (or other) email list.

There is problematic scenario of how focus is kept between eM client and message window.
In short it is currently not possible to decide which windows focus should be shared.


Oh how very confusing since it didn’t start until the update before last. Thank you for trying to explain it to me! And thank you for investigating!

you are welcome and I am sorry that I was unable to provide more optimistic and positive answer than I did.


I appreciate the reply from John Galis as well although your answer is disappointing. I’m having trouble understanding why eMclient can’t just “open previous” or “open next” upon delete as many other clients allow. The idea that unpredictable behavior is “normal behavior” doesn’t make sense; the programming has to account for a next action upon delete in my mind. Is there a workaround?

Again, I do appreciate that you are aware and responded, John (or Jan).

Hi, in short way there is problem sharing focus between main windows and opened email, which results that they do not share it at all.


I’ve also encountered this bizarre behavior. The way the system works is unpredictable and weird, but overall a minor annoyance that I can live with. eM Client is way better than Thunderbird, which I was using before. Any change of email client is a major hassle, and I’m not anxious to go through it again for a long, long time. But I’m troubled by this cavalier attitude about a bug because it doesn’t look good for future problems and bugs. When you talk about shared focus you’re talking about implementation problems. I don’t doubt that this is a problem and that fixing the bug would be difficult. And of course the difficulty of fixing a bug and the level of the inconvenience it causes will affect what priority you give the bug. Maybe this should be low priority. But defining a bug as not a bug because it’s hard to fix does not make it any less a bug.

Bruce, I couldn’t agree more. What I find interesting is that I assume the emails are in a database with all the various fields like date received, sender, subject and so on. It seems me that it’s not THAT big of an issue to program the client which field is to be used to move to the next record. Some clients will even let the user select whether it’s “next” or “previous” since some users read from most recent to older and others from orlder to newer… I am not a programmer (I was many years ago), but I have worked with databases and forms and I don’t think there’s any excuse for accepting random behavior.

I think Jan’s being thrown a bit under the bus. The powers that be say “Yeah, we know, we just haven’t figured out exactly why and are doing other things” and he’s stuck coming back to us and saying “Uh, well…”

The thing that gets me is that they know exactly when the problem started (at least for me), it’s a problem that the paying customers are (also?) having, and it really disrupts usage of the product.

I’m not desperate enough to switch email clients yet, but if this continues for months rather than weeks… yeah, I might switch back to Outlook. I’d settle for a “We’re investigating!” at this point, but really the response seems more “Live with it.” than “We’ll fix it when we can.”

Thank you for support, but I think you have not understood developers are not working on solution now because it is not possible to change, it rely on eM client’s design and that will not be changed in foreseeable future.