Not displaying all emails

An email is on the server and appears in my Inbox on my iphone and via a browser application, but does not appear in my em Client inbox. In fact, two emails out of about 30 are missing. Any ideas what’s going wrong?

In the attached image, the email received at 12:38 is does not appear in em Client. I have tested the connection and continue to receive new emails.


what version of eM Client are you using? Are you using IMAP or POP for receiving emails?
How long are you receiving this issue? Are you using any rules on the account?

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Version 6.0.19861.0
Today is the first time I noticed missing email.

And what email service are you using?


I have an account at dreamhost, so they host my domain.

I just noticed I’ve been double answering you.
Can you please provide a screenshot of your IMAP settings as I suggested in the second topic?

Also I could use your IMAP logs, go please to Tools > Settings > Advanced, and turn on IMAP logging for the account you’re experiencing issues with and restart the application.
When it happens again, please go back to advanced settings and click “Send Logs…” add me to copy [email protected].

Also a referenci to this forum topic would be nice as well (link should be enough).

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Logging enabled; screenshot of IMAP sent via email.