Not connecting to SMTP -

I have a account and I’m experiencing connection issues with the SMTP server.
I’m pretty sure the setting is ok. Can someone help me?

Can you display your SMTP account settings, and what are your “connection issues”?

My SMTP account settings are the following:

The issue is this:”: Connection to “” failed
[SMTP] Second attempt to connect to “” has failed. This could be due to the server being temporarily unavailable or incorrect settings. Please verify the settings.

jueves 13 julio 2023 :: 1244hrs (UTC +0100)

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You’re right, thanks a lot!

According to the help website they support port 587 for sending (which they also recommend).

So try setting the SMTP Port to “587” and set the Security Policy to “Force use of SSL/TLS”


It seems to work, thanks a lot!

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