Not connecting from another location


For some reason when I open eM Client from home after being connected all day from the office it keeps on asking about my email password with being able to connect with the server… how can this be solved? is my account linked somehow with the ip/isp i’m using?


“… *without being able to connect…”

are you sure your account settings are the same at both computers? We do not know whether it is issue of the link to the IP or ISP. It is matter of your email server. But we can create some logs (with your help) to determine the cause if the problem persists.

Also if your email has webmail alternative, try to use it at your home. You can determine whether it is IP linked issue this way.

Sorry, figured out what was the problem, i had “force usage of SSL” selected under my SMTP setting and it seems my connection at home doesn’t support SSL/TLS, after choosing “use SSL if available” everything went back to normal.

Always thanking you for your help,