Not connected to a Jabber Account?

Recently, my chat capabilities in eM Client no longer work when using my gmail account as it has for several years prior.

Not sure if it is from the new version of eM client or that Google hangouts now switching to Google Chat.

Is there a server setting adjustment to make in the account setup for the chat feature to work again?

Thank you for your time,


On June 16th, 2022 Google ended their support for Google Talk service, effectively shutting down connection to it via XMPP protocol. This means that the chat feature for your Google accounts will stop working in eM Client, as we used the XMPP protocol to connect to Google’s chat services.

Unfortunately this means we will have to remove the Google chat option from future releases of eM Client. Our team will look into alternate protocol and API options for Google Chat and see if we could perhaps return it in the future.

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I tried to switch to another jabber server, I tried to log in to my old account - unfortunately without success. It says authorization failed. My login details are correct, they work fine on the jabbim web client. Where could be the error?