Not all unread messages are listed in the Unread folder

I’m still evaluating EM Client, and I really hope I can make it work.
I have several email accounts, including one Outlook account, a Yahoo account, a few Gmail accounts, and several of my own IMAP accounts. Each inbox has several subfolders. My messages are sorted at my email server before I ever download them.
I really like the concept of having one folder list all of my unread messages in the favorites section. Most unread messages do show up in the Unread folder, but many do not. When I actually open an account, it will show me which folders have unread messages, including those that didn’t show up in the Unread folder.
Is there a limit on the number of folders that show up in the Unread folder? If so, can that limit be adjusted?
Thank You

No limit.

What is happening is because of the delay in syncing the sub-folders.

eM Client only syncs the Inbox in real-time with the server, so those messages will appear immediately in eM Client in both the Inbox and the Unread folder. But all other folders sync with the server according to the schedule specified in Menu > Settings > General > Synchronization. Once that sync has been done, the messages from all the sub-folders should appear in the Unread folder as well.

There is no setting to change this behavior, other than reducing the sync interval. That also affects syncing of calendars and contacts, so you may want to avoid too small an interval as eM Client could end up in a continuous sync loop.

One option is moving the server-side filtering to be done in eM Client. That way it will display every unread message in the Unread folder regardless of which folder it is subsequently moved to.

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Thanks for the explanation, Gary. In the past, sorting on my computer has really bogged down my computer. But it might be worth playing with.